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Upgrade board

2013/12/15  All boards are updated to the best state,

                     If purchased copy version will be many problems, we will not repair.

2013/12/25  Continuously updated ..........

2014/01/03  Royal AR test finish

2015/07/26  New product finish

2015/08/30  After China business travel   

2015/12/15  WS5 AR updated new data, add more function

2016/02/07~02/14 Chiness new year ,holiday

2016/02/19 Xtramate 7in1 finish

2016/03/15 Xtramate 7in1 V2 coming.

2016/04/10 5 Dragon 50lion G3 new software upgrate.

2016/06/06   Xtramate 10in1V3 coming.

2016/12/04   Xtramate V4 coming

2017/04/28   Super Xtramate finish V1 and V6

2018/03/18   Royal 5in1 Come 4 version

2018/09/30  WS5 have new version Come
2018/11/03   WS7in1 come  

2019/02/01  fortune 3in1 come

2019/09/15   Royal Version 5 &6  Tiny AIO finish

2020/01/31  Keno game promote

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